“The Art of Peaceful Living in Balance with Nature”

Art_textile_numalee_sweetnosugars_weave_nutcha_dotcom_fly_fabricMy Project concerns applied textile art for interior decoration of seaside hostelry. Mankind’s disregard of nature in favor of urban culture creates issues that have inspired my research. Nature is the foundation of many elements and forces on earth, such as tide, sky and woods that are closely connected with us. Nature has shown magnificent ability in creating the combination of so many elements that work delicately to improve the observer’s spirit and mind. Witnessing nature’s beauty can awaken our intuitive sense of peace and desire for a stable life.

I chose three words to represent nature’s charm within the framework of my study of interior decoration requirements at Resort: “Saran” (delight), “Apirom” (pleasure), and “Pridee” (elation). The goal of the art pieces was to capture the character of the surrounding natural environment.

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